Marketing Template for B2B SaaS Company

In the past 4 years, I started to build Trello Boards to capture a lot of the work my Marketing teams do at SaaS Startups. I have boards with product launches, events, partner programs, campaigns and content planning. 

Here is an example that might be helpful. It's focused on a typical Seed round to Series A Startup, who just needs to get going. It's by no means complete and please send me suggestions on things to add.

The cards all are grouped by Month. The sequence and speed of doing these tasks will vary, but you'll most likely have to do most of these at some point. Every card has details on them when you click on it (specific detailed to-do lists, source and education materials, tools etc.).


SaaS Marketing Plan

6 Months worth of Questions, Decisions,
Tasks, and Best Practices.