This blog is about small SaaS (Software as a Service) companies growing big. It's a place to share lessons learned that I hope are worth sharing. You'll find my experiences building and leading startups, and best practices that might help you go faster. In my opening post you can read about my motivation for starting this blog.

Me? I’m Stijn Hendrikse,  Interim (or "Fractional") Chief Marketing Officer and Software Startup Accelerator. I like to build things and have been doing so since '94.

After running, I became a "CMO-as-a-Service" and now support multiple SaaS companies with their marketing.  Before focusing on smaller companies I spent 10+ years at Microsoft where I launched Office 365 and standardized the Office Document formats in ISO.

You can reach me at

“Stijn transformed Atera into a global SaaS company and created a strong platform for growth.” 

Gil Pekelman, CEO, Atera

“Stijn is a rare leader whose compass is grounded in inspiring people to be the best they can be and governed by integrity and responsibility.” - Vijay Kasireddy - CEO, Find Inc 

“If you want to succeed, Stijn is the guy that you want on your team.” - Gil Pekelman, CEO, Atera

“Stijn had a way of seeing the big picture, and to pull different parts together from product to marketing across the company.” - Dan Kessler - President, Workplace Dynamics

“Stijn combines inspirational leadership and a provoking visionary leadership style with right level for detail. - Mark Glikson - CEO & Founder, Gumbuya Inc.

“With Stijn’s help, we feel like we have an engine in place where we feel we can really see serious growth in the coming year.”

Doug Claffey - CEO


“Stijn has a real passion around people and developing them into a team. He has done a phenomenal job of building their trust, putting the right people in the right places and providing tactical leadership and direction to get them cracking to get things done.” - Doug Claffey - CEO, Energage

·       “Working with Stijn is a delight, because he puts ‘human relations’ in the heart of “business interactions” and because he brings ’out of the box thinking’ and new ways to look at issues leading to innovative products” - Mohssen Toumi - Partner & VP at Booz & Company

“Working with Stijn yielded the best of all worlds, immediate hands-on results and a lasting impact on the business.”

Brian Plackis Cheng, CEO, Cielo24

“A conversation with Stijn is guaranteed to make you think differently, and trigger something original and innovative.” - Matthew Bishop - VP WW Sales & Marketing, Microsoft