This blog is about small companies growing big. It's a place to share the parental lessons we have learned and that (we hope) are worth sharing. We write about our experiences building and leading startups, and will share best practices from our peers and mentors. In my opening post you can read about my motivation for starting this blog.

Me? I’m Stijn Hendrikse,  Software Startup Accelerator. I like to build stuff and have been doing so since '94. I run now. Between small companies I spent 10+ years at Microsoft where I launched Office 365 and standardized the Office Document formats in ISO. I’m also a husband, father, waterpolo player and dive master. Juggling these with my passion for building businesses is an ongoing challenge. You can reach me at or @stijnh1.

Left Brain: Alex runs the digital marketing team at MightyCall. He's a young marketer hooked on growth marketing and everything digital. Alex graduated from Penn State and is now leading a team of digital marketers. He is a great example of a modern marketer who combines Computer Science and Marketing disciplines. Alex is a full time growth hacker and discovers at least ten new digital tools we can use every week. He then uses the weekends to tear them apart..

Right Brain: Mike Tackett is the creative member on the team. Mike applies his rich experiences as park ranger, Celtic rock musician, software developer, children's book illustrator, college teacher and radio host to illustrate our posts and make it more fun. He also plays bouzouki. We love having Mike on the Green Ants teameven after Ed "Big Daddy" Roth of Rat Fink fame told him he couldn't draw (having seen one of Mike's cartoons in the now defunct Seattle-based tabloid The Rocket).

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Left hand: I'm grateful for the support of Ksenia Anske, marketer and entrepreneur turned full-time writer.  She ran her startup Lilipip for 5 years, a company that created animated videos. Ksenia was named one of the 100 Top Women in Seattle Tech and Geek of the Week of Seattle PI. She has a passion for relevant marketing & content, started several businesses herself, and helped start many others. As a side job she polices my grammar and spelling :-)

Right hand: John Howell is a great mentor and good friend. He's also a long time VC and investor who helps me make this blog as relevant as possible for the audience. His track record of starting, building, and inspiring many software startups for the last 35 years is invaluable to me.